13 June 2008

Madaleine squares

First, can I just say , these rather tacky looking cakes are the old English Madeleines not the sophisticated French biscuity Madeleines. After my previous Melting moments post I spent a bit of time flicking through the ever faithful Be-Ro book.

These fatless sponge cakes are normally baked in dariole moulds and usually end up looking like bright red coconut haystacks decorated with a glace cherry (the Be-Ro book LOVES glace cherries, lol) I decided to make them in the form of the more commercialised square version...mainly as I don't have dariole moulds, I must get some.
As I said, this is a fat less sponge cake, baked in a brownie tin, coated in jam and tossed in shredded coconut. They look tacky and old fashioned but they are a real treat.
Light as a feather too.
2 medium eggs
75g caster sugar
75g self raising flour
raspberry jam
shredded coconut
Heat oven to 180c/ gas mark 4.
Grease and line a 8 inch square baking tin

Break eggs into a bowl, whisk lightly, add sugar and whisk well until thick creamy and almost white in colour.

Lightly fold in the flour, place mixture into the prepared tin and bake for about 30 minutes.

While the cake is cooling, gently heat the jam, about half a jar full (?), cut the cake into 12 squares, dip each square into the jam so it is completely covered and quickly toss into the shredded coconut.
Enjoy with a mug of tea.


Anonymous said...

Tacky ? And only 5 ingrediants? It is going in my repetoire then!


Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

They look gorgeous, and sound not unrelated to the New Zealand lamington. It doesn't look very expensive to make, either - will definitely have to do this at some stage :)

Nickki said...

they look so good! Another recipe from my childhood. I'm going to have to make these :)

Oh my! Apple pie! said...

Yes, a really easy, store cupboard cake.
Bunty, maybe tacky was the wrong word, nostalgic maybe?, they just look very 1950's, lol.