16 July 2008

Black cherry muesli

Black cherry muesli

I adore oats, 9 times out of 10 I have them for breakfast, usually as porridge, occasionally granola and very often muesli.

I always make my own muesli as most commercial brands, well the tasty ones, are full of sugar. As muesli is so simple I make my own and have complete control of what goes into it.

This recipe is based on Nigella's from Feast. The original recipe uses sultanas, I used black cherries and a handful of raisins as a tasty alternative. It is so easy to get a good variety of dried fruit now, I adore the dried strawberries, they are like sweets, so you can easily adapt this recipe to your taste or the seasons etc.

Nigella's original recipe uses mixed nuts, organic oats, sunflower seeds, sultanas and brown sugar. I have altered the ingredients but kept the quantities the same.
This makes enough to fill a 1 litre storage jar.

Black cherry muesli

200g mixed nuts
200g organic oats
75g mixed seeds
100g dried black cherries
50g raisins
1 tbsp brown sugar.

Preheat the oven to gas mark 5/ 190c
Put the mixed nuts into a food processor and pulse st that some are finely chopped to blend with the oats and others are bigger to give texture.
Spread the oats, nuts and seeds onto a baking sheet and toast for 20 minutes. After 10 take the tin out, give it a good shake so that everything toasts evenly, and put the tin back in the oven.
Then, when it's had its full-time, take the tin out again, give the contents a stir around, and then leave in the tin to cool completely.

Once cool stir through the black cherries, sultanas and brown sugar and store in a air tight container.

What I love about this muesli, is that only 1 tablespoon of sugar is used in the whole recipe, I know dried fruit is high in sugar anyway but it really doesn't need any more added to it. It is so tasty and very good using a dried berry mix (cherries, blueberries, strawberries etc.)
Perfect for breakfast with milk or a dollop of fromage frais.


Nickki said...

Oh that looks so good, I've never made this but I will after seeing your picture :)

Beth said...

Im always thinking I really should make my own museli - I need to stop thinking and start doing. Yours looks lovely - with no hidden nasties you get in shop bought stuff

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

I LOVE muesli, this is a great recipe (I make it often for my mum.) Black cherries in the mix sounds absolutely delicious :):):)

Coby said...

Love your variation on what is already a fabulous recipe:) My mum orders a full serve of this Nigella Muesli for Christmas each year! I think the cherry option would be perfect for a Christmas batch:)

vonsachsen said...

Oh, I would love to try this,because at the moment I have problem I am out of ideas in the mornings, nothing is good enough...just wonder where I could find dried cherries?

Oh my! Apple pie! said...

Coby - cherries would be perfect for a Christmas batch.

VS - I made this as my usual porridge was getting boring, lacking inspiration I turn to toast, this is tasty and good for you.
I found the cherries in my supermarket, at the moment it seems that you can get just about any dried fruit there, long may it last.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful :)

Linda F said...

dried cherries do sound good, I often use dried cranberries and they are always a lovely addition too! Lovely photo Erica!

Kerry said...

Looks yummy, I love dried cherries

Kelly-Jane said...

Looks lovely, I like home made museli best :)