23 April 2008

Another tag

I have been tagged, this time by the lovely Amy from The new Nigella / Cooking for Chris , this tag was started by Anna
The challenge was to show your top ten pics from your blog.
As I have only been blogging for about a month I'm not sure if I have 10 pictures, let alone a top 10, so I have picked my favourite pictures of the food I enjoyed blogging about the most.

I am not a natural photographer, in fact I am one of those people who can take something of beauty and make it a thing of sheer ugliness in one click of the camera :) I am eager to learn though and have a new camera on the way woohoo!

  • Home cured bacon

Chicken from the Venetian ghetto

  • Meringue cupcakes

  • Oaty shortbread

  • Dulce de leche chocolate cake

  • Chocolate brownie with hot blonde sauce


A & N said...

Hey gorgeous!

WOW! Thanks for joining in. Your photos looks wonderful. Esp the shortbread :)

And you shouldn't be pessimistic about your photography - you have taken some lurverly pics!

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

All that food looks delicious - what a lot of gorgeous baking. And that tagliatelle is one of my very favourite recipes :)

Laura xo

Rosie said...

Oh this all looks stunning and your photos are great!!!

Thanks for the tag sweetie I will get down to getting mine done hopefully tomorrow :)

Rosie x

Linda F said...

Yay Erica, great to hear you are getting a new camera, only fellow food bloggers can truly feel your excitement !!!:)Look forward to hearing about it and seeing the 'results'!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics Erica. I've already been tagged for this, do you want me to go again?

Anna said...

Well done for joining in - your photos are great - especially the dulce de leche cake, yummy!!

Oh my! Apple pie! said...

Linda: You are right, since I started blogging I look at photos in a new light. Can not wait to get started with my new camera.
Kitchen goddess: No, don't do it again. I just love your photos, especially of your cakes, they are divine.
Anna: That was such a easy cake to make, but SO delicious!

Kelly-Jane said...

Lovely pictures :) and thank you for the tag!